Woman Troubled When Cop Starts Acting Odd, Then Notices What’s Behind Her

When Dorothy Ortiz got pulled over while driving home on a Las Vegas, Nevada freeway, she had no idea why.

She wasn’t speeding, she had used her signal and stayed in her lane! The only possible reason she could think of was that she was listening to her Mariah Carey tunes too loud!

She pulled over right away and awaited the bad news – as she sat patiently for the officer’s reasoning, Dorothy’s mind was racing. Then he asked her to roll down her window.

Dorothy explained what happened next to WDAF News,

“He’s going to give me a ticket for something. And that’s when he told me I had a flat tire. I just figured the officer was going to keep driving.”

Once their conversation ended, Dorothy expected the officer to walk away, get in his patrol car and drive off. But that’s far from what actually happened….


She looked in her side mirror and saw the officer bent over with a jack! He was fixing her flat tire, right there on the side of the road. Dorothy shared her appreciation on Facebook:

“There really are good officers out there. I had a flat, didn’t know about it. He pulled me over and tried to fix it.

Thank you so much Metro [Police Department].”

That Las Vegas police officer made a positive difference in Dorothy’s day (and possibly saved her life) – and the kind officer wanted nothing in return. He told News 3 that he was “simply doing his job.”

It’s officers like these that prove most of them really are out there trying to help citizens with problems big and small! Kudos to you, officer!