Woman Stunned By Car Full Of Cement, Then It Hits Her

It’s only natural for husbands and wives to get into arguments every so often. However, an incident in Russia has recently gone viral after the bizarre reaction of a husband after his most recent argument with his wife. Onlookers were equally confused and astounded as they saw the disgruntled husband fill up his wife’s car with wet cement after she decided to change her last name. Located somewhere in St. Petersburg, Russia, the local man was supposedly shocked and outraged after his wife told him she would be changing her last name to the name of a popular supermarket chain, Veniy. In a bid to increase customers, the well-known supermarket chain promised customers and staff a monthly check of ₽50,000 (RUB) if they were willing to legally change their name.

The wife of the man in question, who happens to work at a Veniy store, was more than happy to accept the offer, immediately changing her name. Her husband was greatly offended that his wife would give up his name so easily, taking revenge on her by pouring wet cement throughout her entire car. Knowing that his wife prefers for her car to be neat and tidy, the man knew he was hitting a nerve by utterly destroying it.

Eyewitnesses filmed the man directing a cement mixing lorry up to his wife’s car, where he aimed the chute through the window, and began to distribute the cement throughout the vehicle. The couple have admitted that they were experiencing a rough patch in their relationship. It is likely that sustained tension and resentment contributed to the woman’s willingness to change her name and her man’s over the top reaction.

Individuals across the globe have expressed their sheer delight at the prank, with one user stating “I wish I could see his wife’s face.” Another user highlighted the stupidly behind the childish prank, revealing that they “hope this idiot gets a fine.” The state of the couple’s marriage remains unclear at this point in time.

Source: Mail Online
Photo: CEN