It is very important to answer one question: do you eat instant noodles and if the answer is yes how often do you eat them? Everyone is aware that instant noodles are delicious and tasty, especially if you add the right toppings. They have few positive sides: they are tasty, cheap, quick to make and everyone loves them.

They are perfect for work or for a school lunch. They can save you a lot of money and time as well.

However, they are very bad for your health, because they do not contain any nutrients. We will present you 7 reasons why you should avoid eating instant noodles.

7 reasons why you should stop using instant noodles

High sodium content

Instant noodles are full of sodium. We guess that you already know but we will repeat – many packaged foods contain sodium in order to enhance and improve the taste. Sodium can damage your health. It is the reason for high blood pressure and can increase the risk of a stroke or other heart disease.

That is why people who have hypertension should consume foods that contain a lot of minerals, vitamins and they should reduce the sodium intake in order to lower the blood pressure.

They contain saturated fats

They also contain saturated fats. There is a big difference between unhealthy and healthy fats. Healthy fats are not the reason for obesity. They can give you a lot of energy, but instant noodles do not contain healthy fats.

They contain low-density lipoproteins which can raise the risk of a heart disease and increase the cholesterol levels. What’s more if you fry them in palm oil, butter or lard they will have even more saturated fats.

They are full of preservatives

They contain a lot of preservatives. Instant noodles have t- butylhydroquinone (TBHQ) and butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA). They are used in order to prolong their shelf life. The FDA approved moderate use of these preservatives. However if you eat them for a longer period of time, they can cause cancer.

Hard for digestion

They are very hard to digest. When they are in the intestines they can strain the digestive track, which leads us to the following: if the digestive tract is not able to process some food easily, the collected toxins which should leave the organism will stay there accompanied by the preservatives. They can be potential risk for diarrhea, asthma and can cause serious damage to the reproductive organs.

Instant noodles contain monosodium glutamate

Another harmful ingredient on their list is monosodium glutamate. However not all types of noodles have them. It is used to enhance the flavor. Some recent statistics discovered that people who eat MSG regularly have chest pain, severe headaches, numbness in the mouth and neck and have problems with excessive sweating. They experience flushing episodes as well.

Instant noodles are made from refined flour

They are made from white and refined flour. The flour does not contain any healthy nutrients, only carbohydrates that are in starch form. Consuming white refined flour can be the reason for diabetes and high sugar levels in the blood.

The sugar that we eat transforms in fat and our body stores the fat in order to use it later. This is the main reason for heart disease and obesity.mnn

Contain different toxins which an harm the organism

They contain many harmful toxins. They can cause severe damage to our health. During the process of production the instant noodles are usually fried. The worst part is that they do not change or maintain the oil which is used for the frying.

That causes accumulation of many oxidizing agents that attract toxins. These harmful substances are in the same package with the noodles and the degraded fat and oil. They can cause contamination or food poisoning.

You can tell that instant noodles are extremely bad for us. They do not contain healthy nutrients, just saturated fats, sodium and different toxins which can damage the organism.

Instead of eating cheap and unhealthy food, opt for healthy food.