Walmart Employee Found Woman’s Purse – Gives Her A Gift When She Tries Rewarding Him

Arkansas mom Christy Neubert was tired. She’d spent the whole weekend with her two daughters at a cheer competition. When she got home, she still had to run to the store for some groceries.

After she grabbed what she needed, Christy walked out of Hot Springs, Arkansas Walmart, and pushed her cart into stack in the parking lot and got into her car.

But when she got back home, she realized she had left her purse in the shopping cart.

Christy said that not only were her bank cards and credit cards and over $100 cash in it, but her Coach purse was a gift from her husband and daughters for Mother’s Day.

She commented:
“I came out of the store and after seeing how much I spent was concerned and looking at my receipt and just pushed my cart into the cart area.”

Although Christy figured the chances of someone finding it were slim, she called the Wal-Mart to see.

She was stunned to find out that someone had turned the purse in.
Neubert went back to the store, and she was shocked to see her purse was there, including all of the cash. She asked for the name of the young man, a Walmart employee, who returned her purse.

She found the hard-working employee in the parking lot. Neubert expressed her heartfelt gratitude and offered him a reward as a token of her appreciation.

The young man said no thank you to Christy’s offer, and instead gave her a big hug, and told her “no ma’am, that’s my blessing to you’!”

The young man is named Terrance Dickerson, and he commented in an interview with a local TV station that he had a hunch to take a look at that cart:

“Something told me that something was in the buggy.”

Of note, Terrance has been working collecting carts in the Walmart parking lot for over two years.

The manager of the Walmart commented that his employee is “special” and known by his colleagues to be “very humble, very honest,” and of the “utmost integrity.”

Neubert went home and shared the story on Facebook for friends and family, but after an “overwhelming response” she made the post public, and it has gone viral and received thousands of likes!

Source: Independent Journal Review
Photo: Independent Journal Review

That was nice of him!