College Students Have US Flag Removed From Campus, Then 1000 Veterans March Up

An issue arose at Hampshire College in Amherst Massachusetts that lead veterans from all over the area to take a stand. After the presidential election, the college underwent a decision-making process by its students on whether to remove the United States flag, or let it wave. In the end, they took it down. Then, veterans from every surrounding state traveled to Amherst to protest it’s removal – and the result was an unexpected gathering of over 1,000 United States veterans.

These are the same veterans who have stood by the flag and fought for freedom. For them, flying the flag is never in question because of what it symbolizes. “There’s no way I’ll let anyone take down the flag, no way,” remarked one Iraq veteran, David Soucy. “That means a lot to me and my brothers.”

Mayor Sarno of Springfield, Massachusetts, stood next to these veterans, stating that the freedom exercised by the students of the college is, in part, due to the veterans’ sacrifice. For Hampshire College to make this decision, it was a big deal, but what they didn’t expect was the personal effect it would have on every individual veteran. Watching the veterans’ responses in the video shows just how much the flag means to them, and is eye-opening to watch! See David Soucy’s and Mayor Sarno’s heartfelt responses in the video below.