Sisters Have Had Perms Their Whole Lives, Their New Looks Leave Them Unrecognizable

Life gets busy, and often times our many daily priorities come before “us.” Our families, careers, homes, and obligations take up a great deal of (or all of) our time, and sometimes we end up with very little left over for ourselves. Two sisters from Iowa, Sandy and Deb, are women who give a lot of their time and energy to others.

These two ladies recently made the big trip to “The Big Apple” in the hopes of getting chosen for the Today show makeover segment. And, as luck would have it, Sandy and Deb were selected for a hair, makeup, and clothing revamp! When asked why she wanted this makeover for her sister, Deb replied, “Well, she’s my big sister. She works hard, she’s got her kids and her grandkids, and it’s just time to pamper her now.”

These two sisters, prior to receiving their beauty makeover, were both sporting a more “laid-back” look – their hair was permed and gray, they wore very little makeup, and their clothing was simple. However, after spending a few hours with the Today show beauty professionals, Sandy and Deb are almost unrecognizable! With their new gorgeous hair, stunning makeup, and fashionable outfits – the outer beauty of these two Iowa ladies now matches their obvious inner beauty. One of the most exciting moments is watching their reactions when they turn around and see each other’s incredible transformation. This a makeover reveal you simply have to see to believe: