These Horrific Pimple Cupcakes Are The Nauseating Treat You Never Knew You Needed


What happens when you take the deliciousness of cupcakes and combine them with the grossness of pimples? You have these pretty disgusting looking cupcakes.

Yes, someone indeed has come up with a “pimple popper” cupcake, for what reason nobody really knows.

You can blame Blessed By Baking in California for these things which resemble a nasty pimple ready and waiting to be popped.

No doubt these things are pretty tasty, as instead of puss, the center is filled with custard or lemon curd. How you are able to enjoy the taste when it looks like you are eating a zit, is unclear. Especially given the fact that the cupcakes even mimic a zit popping.


Yep, you squeeze the lemon curd out and it oozes just like a zit.

There’s even a video of it that has disgusted over a million viewers so far!

They look delicious when you focus only on the ingredients, but it’s hard to imagine how anyone could enjoy these things and not be reminded of the last time they popped a zit!


This company isn’t totally insane, as they do have some other, more normal, and extremely delicious, looking creations. Like these: