Teen Pulls Out 4-Inch Nightmare After Complaining Of Ear Pain

Arkansas is known as a state where strange things happen. Remember Lil Abner? How about the Hill-Billy-themed Entertainment Park Dogpatch USA? Nowhere else but Arkansas will you find such unusual cultural phenomena.

Well, it turns out that even Mother Nature is a bit strange in Arkansas. Not only is the state home to one of the country’s largest population of two-headed snakes, some teenagers in Arkansas apparently don’t notice when a four-inch centipede ends up in their ear after a dip in the local swimming hole. Oh well, better a centipede than leeches, I guess.

With further details on this breaking story, a teenager in Saline County, Arkansas woke up earlier this week with extreme pain in his ears, especially his left ear.

14-year-old Grant Botti noted in an interview with local media that he felt something strange in his ear and decided to grab it. What he yanked out of his ear was a complete stunner. He was holding a 4-inch long centipede between his fingers.

His family was shocked at his screams, and Grant’s mom, Angela Botti, placed the kicking centipede in a plastic bag. His ear still hurt half an hour after he had removed the huge insect, so Botti took Grant to the emergency room as a precaution.

The doctor at Saline Memorial examined Grant’s ear, and noted several small abrasions on his ear drum. Grant was treated and released by the hospital staff marveled that the huge centipede in the plastic bag had been in the teen’s ear.

It’s not clear where the centipede came from, but his mom pointed out that Grant had been swimming in an outdoor pond recently. The staff at the hospital shared a laugh with the family, and told them they have treated people with various things in their ears, but this was the first centipede that anyone could remember.

Source: KATV
Photo: Top Page