Student Sends A Photo Of His Math Test, Mom Sees It And Immediately Calls The School

When we as parents send our children to school, we hope that the staff and administration are, to the best of their ability, working to ensure that the educational environment is safe, nurturing, and non-threatening.

Of course at times there will be unforeseen challenges which are out of the professionals’ control. However, we should be able to expect that any traumatic events which might occur during the school day would never be caused by a teacher’s purposeful doing. Right?

Unfortunately, a middle school in Alabama had to put one of its teachers on administrative leave for an intentional and highly degrading situation involving her students.

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When this middle school teacher handed out a quiz to her students one Friday, the children initially thought the test was a joke. But apparently, the teacher explained to her 8th graders that the quiz was in fact a valid assignment, and the students were expected to complete it and hand it back in.

Warning: Each of the shocking questions on this “professional’s” activity are extremely offensive.

The assignment asked questions such as,

“Ramón has an AK-47 with a 30-round clip. He usually misses 6 out of every 10 shots and he uses 13 rounds per drive-by shooting. How many drive-by shootings can Ramón attempt before he has to steal enough ammunition and reload?”


“Leroy has 2 ounces of cocaine. If he sells an 8 ball to Antonio for $320 and 2 grams to Juan for $85 per gram, what is the street value of the rest of his hold?”


“Tyrone knocked up four girls in the gang. There are 20 girls in his gang. What is the exact percentage of girls he knocked up?”

…and sadly, it didn’t stop there.

This highly inappropriate middle school “assignment” focuses on drugs, sex, and crime – and even more disturbing than that, the names of the individuals used in each of the scenarios make it blatantly racist. As expected, the community was outraged when they learned of the distribution of this horrifying test.


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After reviewing the questions, one of the students snapped a photo of the assignment and sent it to his mother, Erica Hall.

She responded with,

“My son, he took a picture of it in class and he texted it to me. I couldn’t believe it.”

Shortly after receiving the troubling and infuriating photo, Erica and her husband visited the school with some very serious questions and concerns. The school reacted quickly – putting the teacher on administrative leave during the investigation.

Watch the “difficult to watch” story below:

More than ever, it is important that we react quickly to, and denounce immediately, saddening events such as this. Share this shocking story with your friends and family, and spread awareness.