Student Takes Picture Of Disgusting School Lunch, People Shocked By What It Actually Is

For as long as there have been school cafeterias, there have been complaints about the quality of food that is served. Many of those complaints are the product of finicky eaters that simply can’t be pleased unless their every whim is catered to, but there are also plenty of legitimate gripes that pop up. This nasty hamburger definitely falls into the latter category. As the Daily Mail shares, it has become a social media sensation to boot, and that has left one red-faced school district attempting to explain it away.

A student in DuBois, Pennsylvania was served what can best be described as a brownish-gray piece of hot garbage. While it was supposed to be a hamburger, it looked like a piece of meat that was suffering from a nasty infection. The grossed out recipient snapped a pic, and the rest is history. However, Superintendent Dr. Luke Lansberry of DuBois Area School District assured everyone that there was nothing to see here.

“Food service workers cooked the hamburgers at 170 degrees, when typically they are only required to cook at 155 degrees. There’s a pretty good chance that hamburger was overcooked and a lot of the internal ingredients surfaced from that level of heat,” he said.

Viewers of the pic were repulsed.

That looks…disgusting. Ugh i can’t stand school lunches they’re ridiculous,” shared one user.

“My daughter said she has seen pig slop that looks more edible,” chimed in another.

Lansberry assures those that are nauseated by this disgusting looking excuse of a hamburger that he has rectified the situation. Of course, that fails to explain why this thing that’s allegedly an acceptable lunch was served in the first place.

“Our food service director has contacted the state and told them about the situation and made it clear we will no longer accept that product in the district, just to make sure that we have good quality food,” Lansberry continued.

Source: Mail Online
Photo: Amanda Mills/USCDCP via Public Domain Images

Looks inedible.