Son’s been lost at sea for 9 months. Then investigators recover his cell phone

Do you ever think about the last words you would tell a loved one? I know it’s a morbid topic, but I feel like it’s something we should definitely be prepared for. I don’t know about you, but any last words I would tell a loved one involve the word love. For a mother in Florida, she was about to tell her son her last words way sooner than she expected…

For the past 9 months, Perry Cohen and his friend Austin Stephanos have been missing at sea. The two boys had decided to go fishing on a boat one day, but they tragically never returned. Although no signs of the boys had been found since the disappearance, a boat crew recently found the boys’ small boat about 100 miles off the coast of Bermuda. Found inside the boat were two fishing rods, two tackle boxes, and Perry’s iPhone, but no other sign of the missing boys.


Investigators attached to the case are hoping that the recovered iPhone can be used to find the last location of the boys before their disappearance. The investigators are working closely with Apple in order to recover the data on the water-damaged iPhone.


For the parents of the two boys, closure is all that they’re seeking. Although they know that their sons have probably perished out at sea, it’s impossibly hard for these parents to be at peace unless they know what exactly happened to their boys.


The last text message exchange Pamela, Perry’s mom, had with her son is truly heartbreaking. Perry wrote to her mom Pamela,

“Mom, it’s Perry. My iPad is dead… I’ll text you in a little. Love you.”


Pamela responded,

“OK. I wanted you sleep home tonight. I miss you…”


It’s heartbreaking to see a mother and son who loved each other very much be tragically separated in what appears to be a freak accident. I sincerely hope that the investigators get what they need from the recovered items in order to help the affected families find closure.

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