Server Notices Customers Chuckling Before Leaving, Finds Message Written In Tip-Line Of Receipt

A restaurant server says he found a racist message from a Donald Trump voter on a receipt. While some lament over ‘Trump’s America’ giving rise to blatant displays of racism, others can’t help but speculate about whether there is any truth to the claims.

Gerardo Solorio, a server at the Santa Fe Mexican Grill in Greensboro, Arkansas, said the receipt came from a table of four. They made no complaints, but after the meal, the waiter says he was shocked and saddened by the receipt.

On the ‘tip’ line, someone scrawled, “I voted for Trump.”

Instead of signing the receipt, someone wrote, “White Pride.”

“I feel kind of like it was racist,” Solorio said. “It made me a little bit mad that they make you feel bad about where you’re from.”

Samuel Mendoza, a manager of the restaurant, says the restaurant doesn’t discriminate. “We take care of everybody, no matter what color or what race they are,” he explained.

Solorio posted a photo of the receipt to Facebook with the customer’s personal information obscured. Many supportive comments have poured in.

Some people aren’t convinced the event really happened, however. The receipt is the customer’s copy, which it clearly states across the bottom. Ten customer could have very well left their own copy of the receipt behind and blank. Anyone, including a restaurant employee, could have written anything on it. It’s unclear if there was a tip left on the merchant copy of the receipt.

In the last couple of years, a few servers who have claimed customers left hateful messages on receipts were caught lying. It turns out they wrote the hateful messages themselves in order to get sympathy, attention and better tips. Some of these servers even collected GoFundMe campaign money.

The message is disturbing either way. Whether it’s a racist customer or an attention-seeking employee, it’s fueling division and frustration that’s crippling the country.