Robin Williams Wife Finally Reveals The Real Cause Of His Passing

Robin Williams’ passing was something that affected most Americans. For decades Robin made us laugh, cry and smile with his powerfully emotional roles and silly characters.

But oftentimes, the funniest comedians suffer from a deep, dark secret: depression. Robin quietly suffered under the weight of mental darkness, and it ultimately pushed him to end his own life in 2014.

However, Robin’s late wife Susan released a statement revealing the true cause behind her husband’s death and it’s taking the world by surprise. In addition to depression, Robin had two other grave health problems that were attributed to his passing….

In a recent interview with People Magazine, Susan spoke out about her husband’s passing and how depression was only a small fraction of the reasons behind his death.

She said:

“It was not depression that killed Robin. Depression was one of let’s call it 50 symptoms and it was a small one.”

It was a little-known fact that in the last years of his life, Robin was diagnosed Parkinson’s disease. But his autopsy discovered that Parkinson’s was not the only crippling condition he suffered from….


In the months before Robin took his life, his mental and physical condition drastically worsened. Susan told People Magazine that she and the doctors were baffled by his rapid downward spiral.

“I’ve spent this last year trying to find out what killed Robin. To understand what we were fighting, what we were in the trenches fighting and one of the doctors said, ‘Robin was very aware that he was losing his mind and there was nothing he could do about it.'”

The symptoms Robin suffered from didn’t exactly fit Parkinson’s – but it was only after his passing that the world knew the true cause behind his pain. Susan explained to People Magazine that the coroner revealed Robin has Lewy body dementia in addition to Parkinson’s.

Susan shared how Lewy body is difficult to diagnosis, since the symptoms aren’t always uniform.

“[Lewy body dementia patients] present themselves like a pinball machine. You don’t know exactly what you’re looking at.”

For Robin, the dementia presented itself with paranoia, anxiety, confusion and worsened depression. Susan believes taking his own life was the only way her husband felt that he could gain control of himself.

Even though none of the doctors looking after Robin got it right in time, Susan told People Magazine that she doesn’t hold any grudges.

“I know now the doctors, the whole team was doing exactly the right things. It’s just that this disease was faster than us and bigger than us. We would have gotten there eventually.”

Medical staff also informed Susan that since Robin’s life was unknowingly coming to a quick close, the following years would have been filled with pain for him and horrible memories for his family.


Learn more about Robin’s passing and Lewy body dementia in the video below.

Now Susan is on a mission to spread awareness of Lewy body dementia. Hopefully Robin’s story can help others receive a faster diagnosis and rapid intervention!