Peopel Took One Look At Chelsea Clinton’s New Magazine Cover And Were Furious

Variety magazine is honoring Chelsea Clinton in their ‘Power of Women New York’ issue. The former president’s daughter made the cover of the issue, and inside there is an interview with her about what she’s done in her life.

“How cool does Chelsea Clinton look on our Power of Women, NY, cover?” tweeted Claudia Eller of Variety.

Most people responded with a resounding ‘no’.

“Not cool. Like, at all,” tweeted one person.

Perhaps the cover shoot stylist tried just a little too hard by putting Chelsea in a pair of skin-tight jeans, a white t-shirt and a form-fitting leather motorcycle-style jacket. Maybe they thought by channeling Fonzie it would give her extra cool points, but it just doesn’t work.

“Hey, fellow youths. Doesn’t this hep, young go-getter look especially snazzy in their leather jacket? ” mocked one Twitter user linking to the magazine cover.

Another problem is that in the interview Clinton is being hailed for her accomplishments, even though she hasn’t actually accomplished very much at all. She worked at a consulting firm, she did a stint working for NBC that ended badly, and then she worked on her father’s foundation and her mom’s campaign– which, needless to say, also ended badly.

“An empire in total decline can sell unaccomplished nepotism as “cool” to its people,” read one tweet.

“getting to become a political icon because you happen to have the right last name is antithetical to progressive ideals,” read another.

“She’s accomplished nothing. Quit trying to spin it. #NoMoreClintons!” said another tweet.

Many people are just tired of the Clintons, in general, being treated like some kind of American royalty.

“The US is a republic. Stop trying to invent royal families,” responded one person.

And under a ‘Mean Girls’ meme of Rachel McAdams repeating ‘It’s not going to happen,’ someone tweeted, “Stop trying to make Chelsea happen!”

Source: Buzzfeed
Photo: Mad World News