Officer Pulls Into Drive-Thru, Hears What Employee Says And Takes Immediate Action

We hear about citizens paying it forward to police officers all the time, but what about the other way around? That’s exactly what happened when one Tennessee woman decided to pay for an officer’s meal in the drive-thru line.

Touched by the random act of kindness, the officer, Deputy Cody Yates, did some investigating to see who was the kind woman in front of him that fateful morning. What Deputy Yate discovered left him in total shock….

Deputy Yates was just starting his morning shift when he stopped by a local Hardee’s restaurant and ordered his breakfast. But when he pulled through to pay, the employee behind the window informed Deputy Yates that the car in front of him had paid for his meal!

Not one to let a kind act go unnoticed, Deputy Yates decided to do some digging so he could properly thank the caring stranger!

He told Local 8 Now that living in a small Tennessee town has it benefits while trying to track down a stranger.

“Being in a small town, I started asking around and found out who she was.”

After some brief canvassing and research on Facebook, Deputy Yates determined that the woman was Angel Brooks.


During his research, Deputy Yates also found out that Angel’s life was far from easy. Angel’s husband was battling terminal pancreatic cancer and her daughter had been diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Despite all of her troubles, Angel still found time to help others – even if it was just paying for a stranger’s meal.

After figuring out her identity, Deputy Yates asked Angel to meet, and the two chatted for hours. Talking with this brave woman really touched the no-nonsense police officer.

“It made me realize that about everybody that you come in contact with is worrying about all the small things in life. That really don’t hold a candle to what some people are dealing with.”

It takes kind actions like those demonstrated by both Angel and Deputy Yates to keep a community peaceful! We can all take note of their selfless acts and strive to do the same in our own lives!

Watch the entire heartwarming story here!