Mouthwash isn’t just meant for teeth. Here are 10 nifty ways to use it around the home

Mouthwash is an effective way to fight plaque and protect our teeth and gums from unwanted bacteria. But it’s not just a useful cleaner for our teeth…

In fact, mouthwash is a useful cleaner all around the house.

Freshen Flowers

Mouthwash can help beautify your flowers and make them last longer. Mix one tablespoon of mouthwash and four pints of water together in a flower vase. This will kill bacteria and germs in your flowers, which will preserve them for longer.


Itchy Skin

If your skin itches, use mouthwash to help reduce the irritation. Mouthwash can reduce the outward appearance of allergic reactions and symptoms causing itching.


Clean Toothbrush

This one is rather obvious. Dunk your toothbrush in mouthwash for about 30 seconds to disinfect it and get rid of residual germs. Then, rinse it and let it dry.

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Go Away Stench!

If you have smelly and nasty odors in your home, mouthwash can save the day. Adding mouthwash to a mixture of borax and baking soda can eliminate the nasty smell to your garbage can or disposal.


Refresh Your Laundry Machine

Washing machines can accumulate bacteria and germs over time. Fortunately, mouthwash can kill the germs and clean your washing machine in the process. Just add mouthwash and use it with your regular detergent.

You can also use mouthwash to sanitize surfaces like your kitchen counter. You can also add half a cup of mouthwash to your toilet to clean the bowl and reduce odors.


Onion Smell On Hands

Say bye to onion or garlic smells on your hands. Place mouthwash on your hands to remove the odors.

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Got Dandruff?

Mouthwash can also reduce dandruff. Rinse your hair quickly with it after shampooing!


Disinfect Cuts And Scrapes

Because mouthwash has alcohol in it, it can disinfect your wounds and protect them from potential infections.


Lighten Bruises

Rub mouthwash on a bruise to prevent it from darkening.


Tired Feet

If you have tired feet, then soak them in a foot bath. Combine one cup of mouthwash with warm water, and your feet will emerge refreshed and renewed.


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