Cyclist Cruises Along Mountain Trail, Suddenly Dangerous Predator In Camera Lens

When people venture into the great outdoors, we often forget the danger that wild animals pose on us. But one cyclist got a reminder of this when he took a bike trip into the mountains. As he rode along peacefully, something moved in the bushes to his side. Sensing things were off, the cyclist slowed down and took a closer look. That’s when he saw it….

Crouching before him was a giant mountain lion. Mountain lions have been known to attack humans before, so the cyclist knew he had to act carefully – one wrong move and he could be seriously injured or killed. With his cellphone camera rolling, the man captured heartstopping footage of encounter. He narrates, “There’s a mountain lion right here. Right in front of me.” Then he turns to the 200-pound cat and says, “I’m way bigger than you.”

Making himself seem larger than the mountain lion was a brilliant tactic. Everytime he tried to inch away, the animal backed up. It was clear the mountain lion didn’t want to tangle with a bigger predator – and the cyclist’s bike probably help boost his size as well! The mountain lion eventually lost interest in pursuing the man and slowly disappeared into the bush. This man is lucky to leave the situation unharmed!