Mom Barely Makes Any Noise As She Births 10-Pound Baby While Husband Calmly Drives [video]

Starting a family is the biggest decision a couple will ever make, and no doubt, actually giving birth to a baby is perhaps the most intense physical and emotional experience a woman will ever have, even under optimal conditions. But it is also an amazing experience as well.

Well, we just found out about a woman who was on her way to the hospital when baby decided it was ready to enter the world. This video is one of the most amazing things we have ever seen on YouTube. You are not going to believe this wonderful childbirth until you watch this clip. FYI, there is no nudity or profanity, so it is okay to watch, even for the squeamish.

This Video, shot by the father as he is driving his wife to a hospital near Houston, Texas, shows the exact moment when their baby boy is born.

The unidentified couple manage to keep their wits about them as mom’s water breaks and shortly thereafter the baby is born.

Many people have been moved by this video, and have taken to social media to share their praises and well wishes for mom and baby, saying things like:

“SHE WAS INCREDIBLE!!! I love how her husband was just all calm and laughing and joking and high-fiving and all she could think about was how incredible their new baby was. 🙂 Such a cute mother!”- Theresa Murdoch

“She handled that by herself. OMG she is so strong.”- Farhana Ratree

“This is amazing but I find it hilarious that the cars driving near them is probably thinking it is just a normal couple driving…. LITTLE DO THEY KNOW SHE JUST GAVE BIRTH TO A BABY.”- Ethan Jones

“Dude… You’ve got my respect. maddest props for how calm, relaxed and cool you stayed during that. I don’t know how you did it, or what you did to stay that calm, but dude I see a dad of the year in your future for sure I can tell you’re gonna have the teen years easy. man, good luck.”- Sinistershift

She Was AMAMAZING!! no epidural or anything! Oh she did so well! It’s a good thing the man stayed calm. That is the best thing that you can do for the woman.”- Hollyraeanne

“That dad just knocked my socks off with his calm soothing support. What a champ!!! And mom obviously did amazing as well! So awesome.”- Brittany Hanson

“aww such a cute baby and wonderful couple. It is such a beautiful feeling hold your child for the first time and hearing their little cry.”- Lilmiss93 LLH

At least a couple of commenters thought there was a joke to be found in the whole experience, saying:

“Mum: screaming in agony IT’S COMING OUT OF ME!! Dad: Do you want to take your pants off? Men.”- Anon.

“Haha! when he goes for his driving test the instructor will be like ‘are you ready?’ and he’ll be like ‘I was born ready!’”

Have you ever heard of a more outrageous childbirth? What was having a baby like for you? Please share your stories with us here.