Man sees horses in an icy field. Then he spots one frozen on the ground

On a cold, wintery day in 2013, a horse named Macy and her foal Loca were found in an icy field. They were on the brink of death; the tow had not eaten in ages, and they barely had enough energy to breathe.

It seemed like a completely hopeless situation. Macy lie motionless on the ground as she shivered uncontrollably in the freezing weather.

Then, World Horse Welfare and their rescue team arrived on the scene, and their timing could not have been more clutch. The team immediately transported Macy and Loca to the Hall Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre nearby. There, the two received emergency veterinary care which saved their lives.

The before and after images of Macy are absolutely shocking. Prior to being rescued, Macy was frail, weak, and extremely skinny. She barely had the energy to feed her own foal! The after image can only be described as a miracle.

Just wait until you see the transformation Macy underwent in the video below. It’s stunning!

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