Man Begins Singing Alone In An Empty Field, Who Joins Him Is Leaving Everyone In Chills

When singing sensation Alex Boye teamed up with the BYU Men’s Chorus, we knew we were in for a special treat. 300 students from BYU College gathered together for an afternoon of pure magic, as they recorded the popular hymn at the top of South Fork in Provo Canyon.

At first we only see Alex, as he wanders the fields alone. His powerful voice is already captivating, but the song is about to get much more interesting. The camera begins zooming out, and that is when the real show begins. Suddenly, the field is swarming with people. The camera continues to pan out and the magnitude of what lies ahead begins to take shape. Not only is the entire BYU Men’s Chorus now on the field, but an orchestra joins in, too!

Get ready to hear “The Lord’s Prayer” like you’ve never heard it before. Even though you may not know the language, the message is still powerfully clear. Get ready to feel chills throughout your body as you listen to the Swahili version of this popular classic!