Little Girl Tells 911 Operator To ‘Come Over’, Says Her Mom Won’t Say Hello To Her

Kids have amazing intuitions, often trusting their gut in many situations. When one three-year-old girl noticed her Mom was laying down with her eyes closed, she thought something was wrong. Not having another adult around, the little girl from Brick, New Jersey, found a phone – and took it upon herself to dial 911.

The operator answered, and asked the tyke what the emergency was. She responded with what she noticed, saying, “She’s not saying hi.” Confused about why her Mom wasn’t responding to her, she was adamant that something was wrong. The operator then asks the girl if her Mom is awake. She replies that her Mom is closing her eyes…

The operator knew then that the two of them needed help. The little girl then asks the operator, “Could you come over?” The operator tells the girl that he can send some of his friends over to her house, and that they can help her. The phone conversation lasted a total of five minutes, which was long enough for authorities to trace the location the call. Watch the video below to see how this incredible little girl handled a scary situation!