This Is The Friendliest Dog In The World – He’s Best Friends With 8 Birds And A Hamster

Here are the most unusual group of animal best friends you’ve likely ever seen!

We start with Bob, the Golden Retriever. He is a big, but very gentle dog. His favorite thing to do is hang with his buddies. And his buddies happen to be a bunch of birds and a hamster! Together in their Sau Paulo home, they adorably cuddle with one another.


Luiz is the pet owner, and he photographs his pets as they pose with each other. Then he posts them to Instagram, where they have been extremely popular as his 200,000 followers attest to!


Luiz got Bob when he was only four months old, and then brought in a hamster and eight birds!

All of them have always gotten along beautifully with one another since day one.


Bob loves being part of the bird group, and may even think he’s a birdie himself! He finds very inventive ways to hang with his flock of winged friends.


Bob and the birds, hanging together.


Bob loves it when they perch on top of him and always seems to be happy when he’s around them.


The group all have a favorite activity – napping!


The birds also like to cuddle up and play with Bob, giving him gentle pecks of affection.


Being the bigger guy, Bob will protect his smaller buddies.




Truly the best of friends!


For more of pictures of this lovable animal crew, check out their page onInstagram.

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