Fox News Anchor Andrea Tanatros Posted THIS Photo Of Her At The Beach And It’s Gone Viral Overnight


Fox News definitely knows how to cater to their audience, regularly bringing on very attractive women to serve as anchors and hosts for their various shows and segments. Because really, who doesn’t enjoy looking at a good-looking woman?

Recently host Andrea Tantaros took it to a whole new level by posting a very sexy pictures to Instagram, taken while she was making a sand castle at the beach – now the internet just can’t get enough of her!


It’s usually the anchor or host’s job to tell the news, not to make it. But nobody told Tantaros that before she posted this controversial photo online. Fox News is the best for a lot of reasons, but their affinity towards having attractive women in front of the cameras may be the strongest.

Tantaros isn’t just eye candy though, putting forth some pretty on-point quotes about President Obama, recently shared by

“President Obama doesn’t care because the White House doesn’t care,” she said. “They don’t care about the unemployment rate and they don’t care about growth… because their number one goal is to make people dependent on the government.”

In another strong statement, she said, “:Obama isn’t at war with Fox News. Obama is at war with the truth.”

Well the truth is that we can’t get enough for Tantaros, so expect to see this confident, smart beauty on your television screen for years to come. Fox News doesn’t let talent like this slip by.

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