Man Goes On Hike With Dog, Looks Down Hill And Can’t Believe Who They Find Lost Deep In Woods

The intention of Dan’s hike was to get away, but his mini-vacation took an eventful twist that he never could have imagined. Where he and a friend ventured off to in the wilderness was not a place you would likely run into house pets. However, Dan’s timing seemed to be perfect. He could hardly believe his eyes when he saw what he thought was an animal off in the distance – and not just any animal, but a helpless dog that he immediately recognized. And of all the people who could have crossed paths with this animal, Dan was just the guy.

Dan Estrada is a firefighter who lives in San Lorenzo Valley, California. His life is devoted to helping people and saving lives. Just a glimpse of someone in trouble, and Dan is dashing off to save the day! That’s exactly what a pet dog stuck out in the wilderness needed, but it was questionable if Dan could make it in time. Dan rushed over to the scared dog and was shocked to see what had happened…

As a firefighter, even vacations seem to have moments where you still seem to be on-duty. Like this day for Dan, he chose to give of himself rather than relax. Watch the heart-warming video below to learn how Dan knew the dog and how unbelievable it was for them to have crossed paths.