Sisters Unique Spin On ‘Silent Night’ Is Covering All In Chills

Lennon and Maisy are two very talented sisters who enjoy performing together. When they recreated ‘Silent Night’ they gave it a touch of blues. Performing in the large open room of the Tennessee State Capitol, their voices fill the entire space as they sing sweetly of Christmas night. Watch as they sway back and forth to the beautiful melody.

They stand side by side under the warm light of the chandelier and dazzling Christmas tree covered in bows and sparkling ornaments of all shapes and sizes. Their voices blend together gloriously, proving their tight bond as sisters. These sisters have truly spent so much time together, whether in the many hours of acting, practicing, performing, or just having fun. That bond as sisters shows through any time they sing together, including this song as they enjoy singing together to the beloved ‘Silent Night’.

Every now and again they will glance at each sweetly other during the song, never missing a beat, whether strumming or singing. The soft accompaniment of the acoustic guitar only adds to the sheer beauty of their song, giving it a wonderful addition to the blues feeling they create. Listen as they will take you breath away.