Elderly Alzheimer’s Patient Completely Transforms When He Sees The Family Dog


When it comes to being a parent, there’s nothing more wonderful than watching your little ones grow.

However, for many of us, it is just the opposite for those of us with aging parents. It can often feel like in a blink of an eye our parents go from the people we depend on everything for to people who can help themselves less and less.

This is exactly why it’s not surprising that having a family member diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and dementia-related illnesses are some of the most stressful situations one can deal with. While the patients themselves often feel completely confused and helpless, their loved ones can also find themselves feeling the same way, unable to do anything to help.


For a disease that completely destroys lives, there tends to be little hope for these senior sufferers, but as you will see in the following amazing video from Lisa Abeyta, there is always a reason to stay hopeful… and miracles are possible.

Lisa’s elderly father suffers from Alzheimer’s and is nearly non-verbal, unable to communicate with his daughter and family. Yet as soon as he starts spending time with Lisa’s dog, an incredible turn of events takes place.

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[Featured Image: YouTube / Lisa Abeyta]