Trucker Takes His “Granddaughter” On The Road – People Can’t Stop Staring At Her Face

Father’s Day may still be a few months away, but this amazing dad deserves a big round of applause for his heartwarming actions!

Most fathers know that little girls take looking after their dolls very seriously, so when his daughter asked him to spend the day with her doll, he knew exactly what needed to happen.


Nine-year-old Joselyn’s favorite toy is her doll, Abbie. Joselyn considers herself to be a wonderful mom to Abbie and spends the majority of her days taking care of her precious baby doll.

One morning, Joselyn realized Abbie had not spent enough time with her grandfather (a.k.a. Abbie’s Dad). So she immediately approached her dad and requested that he take Abbie to work with him for the day!


Joselyn’s dad owns a bustling trucking and harvest business and normally doesn’t have time for a break, let alone looking after a doll.

But, despite his busy day ahead, decided it would be a very good idea to document his time with Abbie.

He obviously took his “grandpa” duties extremely seriously and shared the excursion on his personal Facebook page. He received so much support there that he shared it on his company Facebook page.

He wrote:

“Last night, Joselyn our nine-year-old daughter, asked if I would babysit ‘Abbie’ for her today.

‘She really wants to go trucking with her Grandpa!’

This morning before I left, she reminded me I’m babysitting today. Well, being the good ‘Grandpa,’ I agreed to take her.”

He is an excellent father for playing along with his daughter’s request – and for making so much fun come from it!


Abbie and Grandpa started off their day by stopping for some snacks and, in typical grandparent fashion, Abbie was treated to some delicious junk food.

After some bonding time in the truck, Abbie was able to spend some time with her great grandpa! Abbie watched as the two men loaded trucks of grain and worked hard in the sun. She had a blast playing in the wheat and learning all about the family business.


Grandpa made sure he photographed all of the highlights of the day so Joselyn could see what an exciting time Abbie had with her grandfather!

He continued the post:

“We decided to have a little fun and post pictures of our travels. I didn’t want Joselyn thinking I threw Abbie in the sleeper and forgot about her. She has been sending instructions via Facebook all day.

Abbie and Grandpa had a good day, and [we’re] glad we could bring a little entertainment to our friends.”

He created some wonderful memories that Joselyn and Abbie won’t ever forget.


Abbie then hopped back in the truck with her grandpa to deliver the grain to its new home. Her blonde hair was blowing in the wind, and she looked fabulous – according to the pictures snapped along the way!

What a wonderful father to show his daughter he believes in her and supports her imagination. He spent his entire day making sure Abbie was in good hands, all to put a smile on his daughter’s face!


This story shines a light on the great things fathers do for their kids. Little Joselyn will grow up knowing she has a father that loves her and wants nothing more for her than to live a happy life!