Elderly Woman Doesn’t Have Enough Money For Groceries, Customer Snaps Picture That’s Going Viral

People may say that millennials are entitled, unmotivated and unaware of what’s important in life – but this grocery store cashier from Indianapolis, Indiana, proved each and every one of the naysayers wrong.

She showed the world that young people do care about their elders and helping others!

The cashier, named Janell, was ringing up a batch of groceries for an elderly woman, just like she would during any other shift at the local Marsh Supermarket. But halfway through the groceries, the woman realized she didn’t have enough money to pay for all of the food that she picked out!

Embarrassed and uncomfortable, the woman was ready to walk away from the grocery store with only half of the food she needed that week. Instead of letting her do that, Janell offered to do something amazing for the elderly woman!

The young cashier reached into her own pocket and offered to pay for the groceries the woman couldn’t afford! Even though Janell makes just above minimum wage, she didn’t hesitate to help!

A bystander, Gary Clark, knew that he had to capture the heartwarming moment before it passed. He whipped out his smartphone and snapped a picture Janell’s generous actions.

As soon as he got home, Gary took to Facebook to share his experience.

“This girl is a cashier at Marsh…. her name is Janell. A elderly woman came through her line, did not have enough money.”


Facebook/Gary Clark

“This young lady took money out of her own pocket and paid half of her bill. Please share and let everyone know our youth is not a lost cause

I was proud to witness it. Marsh should be proud to have her as an employee.”

It’s those like Janell that are working to disprove the negative stereotype that young people have attached to them! She’s a wonderful employee and a model citizen – the world needs more people like Janell!

Sources: Fox 59 News, Facebook/Gary Clark, Glassdoor/ FB Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons