Cat Walks Up to Rescuers Like a Little Kangaroo and is so Happy to Get Help

A ginger kitty from a cat colony was found walking on her hind legs. She has two bent front legs, but nothing can slow her down.

Meet Roo the cat!

Roo is one of the kitties from a cat colony. When rescuers came to check on the cats, they found something very special about Roo. She has bent front legs and walks like a little kangaroo.

Caregivers have set up shelter, food and water and check on the cats daily. They are planning to get the kitties the medical care they need and get them to foster.

The kitties are a bit skittish but friendly.

“She does have a fluffy friend we named Marigold. We think they may be bonded. I am getting her tomorrow. She is the big cat next to Roo all the time. They will be adopted together,” Kim Womack told Love Meow.

“X-rays show congenital deformity on front legs. Missing radius bone in right leg and left leg the ulna bone is severely bent and thick. She does walk and run on them, but they are too short and when she sits down they come up like a kangaroo,” Kim explains.

Despite her deformity, Roo is doing very well using mostly her hind legs to get around.

The ginger girl is estimated to be around two years old. She’s very small for her age, but is in good spirits and loving all the attention. “She’s eating well and very interactive.”

Zeus and the Kitty Cats, a rescue group in Elmer NJ, was able to get Roo from the colony and find her a foster home. They are working on trapping all the cats so they can all be rehomed.

She is recovering and the little ginger girl is so sweet and loving.

Roo scarfs down the food when she sees it, but she will learn to slow down when she knows that she has plenty of food all the time, and she no longer needs to worry about being hungry.

Courtesy: Kim Womack

Rescuers of Zeus and the Kitty Cats have set up shelter and check on the kitties every day to make sure they are warm, have food and water. They are working on bringing them all to foster care.

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