Caretaker Caught Doing Unspeakable To 94-Year-Old Patient – Never Even Knew The Camera Was There

Those that have elderly parents in need of some assistance can sometimes rely on the services of an outside caretaker. These caretakers can be absolute lifesavers, as they are typically specially trained to deal with elderly clients that suffer from all kinds of ailments in a kind and loving manner. That little bit of assistance can make all the difference in the world for busy people that just can’t be there every second of the day with their parents. Unfortunately, not all caretakers carry forward the lessons they learned during schooling and training, and they perform their duties in an incredibly callous fashion.

As Relay Hero, this extreme example was captured on video inside of a client’s home, and it represents an absolute nightmare scenario that can turn people off of using caretakers forever. The patient in need was an adorable 94-year-old woman that suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, and she obviously needed a hand tending to day-to-day things. Anyone familiar with Alzheimer’s patients knows that they can be quite a handful at times, but those that have been trained to deal with them can often manage through it without too many snags.

Or they can handle it like this caretaker. The unidentified woman behaved in shocking fashion towards her elderly client. At various points in the video, she would smack and push the defenseless woman, pull her hair, and display an extremely cavalier attitude towards caring for the woman. No word on what the end result was once the family discovered what was going on, but hopefully, this abominable caretaker is now without a job and facing charges to boot.

Quite simply, this caretaker has absolutely no business ever being allowed within sniffing distance of an elderly client ever again. It’s incredibly unfathomable how someone that chooses to go into this line of work can display such carelessness and abuse towards clients. It’s also pretty hard to believe that no red flags turned up in the screening process while this woman was being hired or trained, but hopefully, her former employer has used this unfortunate incident as a clear sign that they need to do a better job weeding out the bad apples.

Source: Daughter secretly films caretaker attacking 94 year old mom with Alzheimer’s by TrendingVideos on Rumble

Source: Relay Hero
Photo: Rumble