Little Boy Walks Into Police Station, Officers Notice Immediately What’s Hanging From His Neck

With all of the various protests around the country, it’s easy to forget that there’s still a good relationship between the police and the communities they protect.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department got a heartwarming reminder of this from an adorable boy with an important mission: to tell police officers he loved them.

On the bus ride home from school, Jayden Hooker heard about the police officers being attacked while trying to calm the protesting crowds in his city. The determined little boy knew that he had to do something to make his heroes feel safe and appreciated!

As soon as he got home, Jayden asked his mother, Deanna, if they could take a trip down to the police station and give out hugs and donuts. She happily agreed and the two delivered the outstanding show of support that same evening!

Deanna posted about her son’s kind actions on her Facebook page.

“This little boy was woken up and scared from the helicopters and sirens outside our home last night.
On the way to school he heard about the injured police last night on the radio and asked if he could bring them donuts and give them a hug after school.
That’s just what he did.”

With donuts in hand and a “free hugs” sign around his neck, Jayden and his mother drove over the Charlotte Police Department headquarters!


Facebook/Deanna Hooker

While in the department, Jayden gave out countless hugs and told the officers that he’s glad to have them protect his family.

ABC 6 News also recorded Jayden saying something else that melted the officers’ hearts.

“I’m happy the police officers didn’t get really hurt. I want you to stay safe and I don’t want anybody to hurt you.”

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department can rest assured that, despite the turmoil and high emotions at the moment, there are people within the community that appreciate their service to the city.


Screenshot via Facebook/ABC World News Tonight

Watch Jayden give out hugs and interact with Charlotte police officers here!