Alan Jackson Was Told “Don’t Sing About God.” His Response Silenced The Room

Alan Jackson knows the secret to loving each day with peace and happiness. During a concert, Alan had a quiet moment before beginning to sing. Everyone became hushed when they heard the beginning of ‘What A Friend We Have In Jesus.’ Certainly, many in the crowd knew the words of this popular hymn by heart. But the reason Alan decided to sing it?

We seem to completely forget the message: If there are troubles anywhere, we should never be discouraged. Alan Jackson does not shy away from sharing his faith, and this was the perfect message to explain why faith plays such a vital role in our lives. The message is all about trusting God, and instead of worrying, say a prayer.

Everyone became moved by the sweet words sung by Alan Jackson’s legendary voice. Alan Jackson began his career singing country and folk tunes, topping the charts and providing more than 50 hit singles. Through his success, he looks back and hasn’t forgotten the true source of peace. And when he sang it during this performance, it seemed just a little bit more real.