6 Little Girls Line Up Onstage, Who Joins Them Has The Crowd On Their Feet

The famous Greek Zorba Dance routine is tricky for even the most experienced dancers – but these talented little girls have it down pat. The girls gather at the center of the stage and as soon as the music comes on, they’re ready to go! Thankfully one of the viewers, Dragan Kudjerski, recorded the entire routine and shared it for the world to see.

The Zorba dance first came into the public eye after the release of the book Zorba the Greek. Throughout the entire story, the narrator used classic Greek dancing as a way to relieve his stress and have a bit of fun during times of turmoil. These dancing scenes were included in the film adaptation of the book and the Zorba Dance as we know it was born. Now the girls honor the famous routine with their own amazing rendition!

Although we don’t know if they took home the DanceFest grand prize, we can only assume that they did well in the competition. Their mix of traditional Greek dance move, tap dancing and precise hand motions definitely melted our hearts! Watch their routine for yourself by pressing “play” on the video below! Zorba dancing is difficult and they made it look as easy as pie!